This is a place for me to categorise my very fave memes in the world.  These memes make me happy when I’m trying to get out of doing other things or I’m stuck on an idea or when I’m simply refusing to put dinner on.  Sometimes, I make little slideshow ‘mixtapes’ of my memes and hook my laptop up to the HDMI cable and make my family watch them with me on the big TV.  Sometimes they don’t laugh at my memes as much as I’d hoped they would and that makes me sad.  Sometimes I have to shout ‘laugh’ when they are watching my memes.  Anyway, I hope you like my memes and that we can become friendsI also do serious poetry and writing and art as a hobby, but memes is my job which I know I am very lucky to have. Please don’t be jealous of people who make and curate memes for a living, they had to work their way up too, so just don’t start, okay?

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